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No Bully For Me ( The site has been static since April 2010 so some material is dated.)
Adding insight to injury A voluntary group based in Vancouver, Canada, working to support the targets of workplace bullying,provide information, promote examples of good practice and act for changes in attitudes to this damaging pandemic.

Work place Bullying Institute

'Work Shouldn't Hurt' - Drs. Gary and Ruth Namie, pioneers in the workplace anti-bullying field, offering help to targets of bullying, advice to employers, information on the issues, and leadership in legislative reform in the United States through the Healthy Workplace Bill.

BullyOnLine BullyOnLine was founded and built by Tim Field. The site is now managed by the Tim Field Foundation. Bullying at Work (UK - Tim Field)
Bully OnLine is the world's leading web site on workplace bullying and related issues which validates the experience of workplace bullying and provides confirmation, reassurance and re-empowerment. (From the website.)